Welcome to my home, literally.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you know me, or because you accidentally found me. Either way: Hey! I’m a kid, who writes for pleasure. This is my bubble, where I express my thoughts in a coherent way (hopefully) and give you some motivation (again, hopefully). 

My page is called Perpetual Kalopsia if you haven’t noticed. Here’s why. Kalopsia is a delusion of finding things more beautiful than they actually are. Finding beauty in the smallest things gives you a positive aura which makes everyone else around you happy too. The most extraordinary thing in life to me, is finding enchantment in everything around me and being content with myself. 


Being self conscious or being scared of other people’s opinions is totally not worth it. Be happy with who you are, because no one else can be you. You, being the little unique creature that you are, is what makes you a bad-ass person. 

If you’ve gotten this far; thank you! *brushes off tears of joy*

You are entitled to your own opinion, as am I. Please feel free to comment or email me, and I will positively reply. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog 😀