Lost in the Echoes

Watching the hills, I sat impatiently,

waiting for something extraordinary.

I watched as a bird flew right by me

and sat on a tree with not one single leaf.


It gently sang, its boring song,

And I still waited for something better to come along

Then I heard it! That amazing thing!

The echo of a song, no bird could sing.


It was so beautiful, something beyond my knowledge.

The echo came over and over,  and I was held hostage.

The echo caught me with each and every note,

better than anything humans ever wrote.


And then I found out what it was

All that time, it was a loss.

It was from that leafless tree,

The bird was the one who astonished me.

 This is a poem I wrote a couple of months ago. Writing poems isn’t my cup of tea, but I’m learning. This poem is just a lighthearted one and I felt extremely peaceful when I wrote this. I actually won second place in a writing competition for this. I hope you like it 😀


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