The Paradox of Life

A couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out with a super cool friend of mine, who everyone just adores, mainly because of his optimism. We were talking and suddenly, out of nowhere, things got serious. A person, with such high spirits at all times, who makes everyone 1000x  happier by just being himself, got really deep that day, and I saw a different side of him.

“I’m a nobody”, he said.

The fact that this human, thought that he was worth nothing hit me really hard. My friend was someone everyone enjoyed talking to, and he believed that he was inefficacious. This paradox made me look at things at a different perspective.

A paradox is a contradictory statement that drives you insane. Each time a friend tell me a paradox (that they probably stole from online), a little part of me goes insane. Here are a couple of paradoxes that I personally love and hate (a paradox in itself *wink*):

  • “If you didn’t get this message, call me.”
  • “The beginning of an end”
  • “Deep down, you’re really shallow.”
  • And my favorite of all from the Harry Potter series (before the Order of Pheonix), “Obviously, more than one Time Turner existed in the magical world, so what if two people use two timers at the same time to change the past.”

Paradoxes are extremely beautiful too. Who would’ve thought that a statement as simple as “The next sentence is false. The previous sentence is true.”, could make you ponder over it so much. I recently discovered a Motivational Vlogger, who inspires me a lot. He spoke about the Paradox of Life and is probably the best 3.5 minutes I spent.

Its clear to me that we do live in a paradoxical society and changes need to be made to be more rooted with the world.

Such a beguiling thing that we’ve all failed to realize, has beautifully been brought out by Jay Shetty when he said, “Technology that brings us close to those that are far away, takes us far away from those that are actually close to us.”

My friend, who made people more euphoric, is going through “Low Grade Depression”. But the difference is that, now it’s our turn to make him feel comfortable and happy. It’s our turn to pamper him with joy and love. It’s our turn to return the favor, and I cannot be more happy to say that we’re glad to help him out.


This is my third post so far on this blog. Thank you so much for the support. Please follow, comment and email me. I’d love to hear suggestions. I hope you guys have a successful and productive week. (Kalopsia is great :D)


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