My Top 10 Words

Words are just amazing, aren’t they? You can say so much by so little. Words have always been with me, even when people weren’t. The impact words can have on you is so darn amazing. 

 Here are My Top 10 favorite words (that I came across this year):

  1. Pulchritudinous – something or someone beyond beautiful
  2. Ephemerallasting for a very short period
  3. Serendipity – Something that occurred by accident, which is somehow beneficial
  4. Plethora – A large amount of something
  5. Sonder – the realization that others have a complex and vivid life, like your own
  6. Jouska – a hypothetical conversation that you play out in your head
  7. Selcouth – Something that is rare and strange, yet amazing
  8. Bedgasm – A happy feeling experienced while climbing into bed after a long day
  9. Sanguine – Being optimistic even in a difficult situation
  10. Ardent – Enthusiastic or passionate


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