Judge Me.

When I first found out you were reading my website, I was scared, terrified, insecure and anxious about what you would think of me. What you would think of the real me. I felt vulnerable and perplexed. What would I do if you compared my pen with the person you speak with? What would you say to me when we met next.

Then I realized. I woke up to reality and stepped out of my comfort zone. The bubble of insecurities around me popped. I walked into a new world where imperfections were perfect. Where scars are beautiful. Where flaws are respected. Who cares what you think?

I remember the reason I started this website. I started this website to pour my brain out. To share a piece of me with the rest of the world. To be myself, in the most exuberant way possible. And when I remember all of this, I realize- If I was brave enough to put myself out here for people to read, I should be ready to hear comments, to be judged and most of all not care what people think of me.

Judge me. I don’t mind. It doesn’t bother me anymore. You can say the most vicious things about me, and I still won’t care. Insecurities are something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Insecurities are things that hurt you deep down. Be yourself. I learnt a lesson and now, The self-conscious me has now become another kalopsic heart.

School has got me more emo than ever. I’ll try to post more often. Stay reading 😀

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