Meaningless Words.

Walking down a row of disappointment,

I stumble into a seat of boredom

and wait for the day to proceed,

Dodging insolent souls and words.


Two truly fake hearts wonder their way

Before me and boldly speak unwisely.

The hearts that thrive off pain unknowingly,

look me in the eye and sense insecurities.

Immediate instinct kicked in.


To dig those insecurities till they enlarge

into a colossal mountain, was not their



Words slipped out of one heart’s mouth;

I sat, still and emotionless.

I was propounded by the little words that scarred me

I looked at the hearts in vain.

The heart, scared of being told off by the other heart,

Threw bogus compliments my way.


I, knowing that the words thrown at me were fake,

Was hurt, yet acted like I were grateful.

Grateful for being complimented

By two hearts that were supposedly perfect.

Grateful for the hearts attempting to raise

My apparently low self-esteem.

Grateful to be given words by two

Fake little hearts, who now meant nothing to me.


My supposed gratefulness rose a new sense

of accomplishment to the hearts.

Fake produced fake.

It was hence, a cycle.


The two little hearts pumped out

The nicest things to say

In the most fakest way, possible.

It was almost like how most people

Say things that other people would like to hear.



Here’s the truth:

‘Sticks and stones’ is complete bullshit

Compliments are lovely, but only genuine ones

Aside, people can tell if you mean it or not.

Regina George is, obviously, the perfect example. Right?

This is not anonymous shade, but a serious problem faced a lot. Thank you so much for reading my words. It’d mean the world to me if you told your friends about PERPETUAL KALOPSIA. I’ve been trying to post but school’s first.

See you soon ❤


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