O v e r w h e l m e d: A letter to Insecurities

Dear Insecurities,

I heard from the Brain, that you were leaving.

Usually I’d break down when someone leaves me,

But for the first time, I want you to leave.

I’m not sorry for the times you kept me awake,

All night, when you haunted me about tomorrow.

I’m not sorry for all those times you embarrassed me.

Not sorry for all the times you convinced me,

That I wasn’t good enough to be myself.

I heard that you were leaving forever.

I wont miss you. I wont miss you one bit.

Half my teenage years have been consumed

by the very thought of you.

I was anxious to say yes. I was frightened to say no.

But now that I think of it. I’m actually glad you tortured me.

You made me value things more.

The moments where I stood still, with my face warming up,

A little part of me was glad that you didn’t make it so easy for me.

I won’t forgive you though.

You still terrify me.

That’s why I don’t want you back.

You are not welcome in my house anymore.

No more blood will be spent on you.

Good bye.

Don’t come back.

With No Love for you,

The Heart.


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