A New Hope

I was like a tiny, negligible leaf,

That was the first to turn orange

One autumn season on the first week of the month.

The rest of the leaves on the green tree,

Watched me and felt disgusted,

As they did not see me as one of them anymore.


I almost broke away from the green-leaved tree,

Still held by a strand of hope.


Hope that I would one day belong on my tree once again.


And you were like the wind,

Which made a difference and didn’t even realize.

Completely unaware of how a little power,

Could make a large change.


You were like the fire

On a burning matchstick

On a pitch-black night.

You lit the entire place up.


You came along slowly but with force,

And hit the green tree gently.

I felt an earthquake,

Finally, my little strand of hope broke away

And I fell. Gliding from left to right.


A little bit of guilt came across me

As I was enjoying myself whilst

Swaying back and forth,

Finally touching the ground.


You came, yet again.

This time harsher, and blew me away.



I could feel you drag me continuously

Into an unknown space.

Through dark and light,

You carried me into a new zone,

In what felt like seconds.


Finally, I ended up in a place rather unexpected.

Disappointing, really.

Disappointed in my new friend, the wind.

I fell into a new pile of leaves,

Leaves that were like me,

But unique, all at the same time.


The wind left, but she came back often.

And there rose a new bond

between the homeless yet belonged and you.






And then I knew, that the “Hope”

that had held me on to the green tree wasn’t Hope at all.

Hope was you, the wind.

The new Hope, that would find

the perfect place for my past unhappy self.

Hey! Yes yes yes, I haven’t gotten time to write for the past month.

I trashed the series I was writing, but do not worry, I will be reposting it soon. Keep writing and reading!!

Check out my other stuff too 😀


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